Great Series of Evenings of Reflection

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The Passion of Christ: Conferences for Lent PDF Print E-mail
This Lent, joint the student brothers of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D. C. for evenings of reflection on the Passion of Christ. Brothers will be speaking in Washington, DC, New York City, Baltimore, and Charlottesville, VA.
  • Schedule for the Dominican House of Studies in Washington (link) (pdf)
  • Schedule for the Church of St. Philip and James in Baltimore (link) (pdf)
  • Schedule for the Church of St. Joseph in New York City (link)(pdf)
  • Schedule for the Church of Notre Dame and Columbia University (link)(pdf)
  • Schedule for St. Thomas Aquinas Parish at the University of Virginia (link)(pdf)
Death Amidst Life: Lenten Gregorian Chant
Br. Innocent Smith, O. P.
The Dominican liturgy preserves many ancient chants that are sung during Lent and Passion-tide. These chants present beautiful articulations of Christian teachings on death, suffering, dependence on God’s mercy, and Christ’s protection of his people. This presentation will include the singing of several Latin chants, and will offer an exposition of their history, influence, and theological meaning.