Missal Chants, Modern Notation

Many parishes are very interested in having a single sheet of music to put in the pews, so that congregations can sing the music of the forthcoming missal without having to dig through a book. My preference is for square notes but there have been many requests for modern-note editions.

I made several attempts at cutting and pasting the music from the ICEL website, but the result was less than stellar.

Now Aristotle Esguerra of CantemusDomino.net has come through with an absolutely beautiful edition. This includes Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Pater Noster, Sanctus, Agnus, plus the dialogues on the Memorial Acclamation.

Here it is: Missal Chants in Modern Notation. It can be printed on an 11×17 sheet and folded to put in pews.