Three Announcements

  • If the Psalm between readings at Mass makes your ears hurt, here is the ticket to peace: The Parish Book of Psalms, by Arlene Oost-Zinner. This one book has beautiful Psalms in the Gregorian style written for solo cantor or group, with full notated verses, for the entire liturgical year. Get a copy for every member of the choir. The Psalm is the oldest and most revered sung part of the Mass, and it deserves the right musical treatment in every parish. Buy it at Amazon

  • If you are ready for the next step toward singing the authentic Gregorian repertoire, the best program is the Chant Intensive. The next event is the Winter Chant Intensive, January 7-11, 2013. at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Macon, Georgia. It is taught by David Hughes and Arlene Oost-Zinner. Write
  • Does your parish have an authentic program of musical education for kids? If not, it is missing a great opportunity. Sign up for a workshop that will enable a long-term solution and make music part of your parish life. See