It’s Better Than I Ever Imagined

My purchased copies of the Parish Book of Chant, Second Edition, arrived! Big day. I’m surprised about one thing: it is the same physical size as the first edition. The page thinning did the trick. The contents are so much better. Everything is here. This is a treasure. I’m so thrilled.

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  1. Oh, great. Now what to do with the 1st edition books? Can you use the 2nd edition in conjunction with the first without resorting to, say, "Offertory hymn – Jesu Dulcis Memoria on page XX in the white book, page XX in the blue book?" in our liturgical program leaflet?
    Ours is a small TLM congregation, with 20 or so members. I ordered 30 of the 1st edition books two years ago but they're dwindling fast as people who want a taste of the TLM tend to take them home, purportedly "to study" and but don't come back. We only have 13 left. We need to replenish them, but left-over 1st edition copies are hard to find and they're so expensive. I guess I'll have to run after those who took them home and never came back.
    Better yet, if there's anybody in this forum who may be willing to sell their first edition books at a much lower price than at Amazon, please, can we have them?

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