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  1. These sisters are real servants of the Lord and the people of God because they make the presence of God palpable in the world. They look beautiful and dignified in their habits, totally recognizable as consecrated religious. Their joy is contagious and edifying. They are a blessing for the Church, for all of us in the Church. They are a powerful reminder that God is real and personal, that Jesus exists with us and for us, that Mary mothers us with her intercession for grace whether we know it or not. We give thanks to God for these good nuns. While they are singing the age-old chants of the Church, the LCWR is ensconced in a luxury hotel down in Florida listening to one of their nuns discourse on the impersonal Spirit that animates the world, a la Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. There is a Grand Canyon gulf of difference between these two groups of women. One group is Catholic religious, the other is —–? They represent two trends in the American Catholic Church and it is difficult to know how a bridge can be built. Oddly, it is the liberals who are the most hostile, always clamoring for their to "freedom of conscience"which seems to mean anything and everything. The Spirit they follow seems to be very individualistic and aimed at self-fulfillment. The Holy Spirit, who teaches us obedience to the will of God and gives us the grace to comply, will be patient, I am sure, and hopefully lead us all into a grace-filled existence so that Christ can be revealed to all the world by the way we let Him in-dwell within us.

  2. Before placing all these good women, including those women whose orders are members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, in a category that reflects the laity's vision of what women religious should or should not be, I recommend reading the following book by Margaret McGuinness: Called to Serve-A History of Nuns in America. These good and faithful women accomplished so much among the poor, displaced and forgotten, and by their faithful following of the Gospel, served to call many to God. We should be grateful for them all, whether or not they fit our own image of what they should or should not be. Who are we to judge either so called camp?

  3. Two of these sisters are sisters of a person I know. They sang at his funeral. It was very beautiful.

  4. If this is about a new CD, why is there so little music? The brief clip of the Salve Regina at the end is quite beautiful; is there a CD that represents that level of music for its duration?

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