Driving to Indianapolis?

“Oh, but it’s too far,” you say!

Well, check out these drive times to Indianapolis:

Chicago   3 hrs.
Dayton, OH 1 hr 45 min.
Cleveland, OH 5 hrs
South Bend, IN 2 1/2 hrs
Columbus, OH 2 1/2 hrs
St. Louis, MO 3 1/2 hrs
Milwaukee, WI 4 hrs
Grand Rapids, MI 4 hrs
Cincinnati, OH 2 hrs
Pittsburgh, PA 5 hrs, 15 min.
Nashville, TN 5 hrs
Louisville, KY 2 hrs

Before you start packing up the car, don’t forget to register and book your room by June 4th to avoid a late fee and to get the conference rate for your stay.  We’ll be seeing you there.

(We could have posted the walking times, but I thought that would have been excessive.)

[Image of the 1901 Truselle courtesy of patentpending.blogs.com]

3 Replies to “Driving to Indianapolis?”

  1. I'm sure, MJB, that you courteously omitted California mileage.
    Morse and I (plus MACW and others if they can afford it) will exact our pound of flesh in liters.
    Love ya

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