Kyriale Simplex Now Online

Thanks to Aristotle Esguerra the Kyriale Simplex has now been posted online.

Kyriale Simplex

Please consider for a moment the way that sacred music publishing has changed since the days of yore:

This morning at 9:00 I posted on the value of the Kyriale Simplex, to which Aristotle Esguerra responded with a PDF file of the collection he created using free software a few hours later. Within 3 minutes of receiving Aristotle’s file I had in my hands two beautiful editions of this Kyriale, ready to sing:

And now, less than an hour later I’m able to share with you all my experience of the process.

How does this compare with your other experiences of finding new Mass settings?

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  1. Thank you Aristotle! When this period in liturgical development is written about many years from now, the failure of the mainstream publishers to understand the new media will be often cited as a major facet. To their credit, I've seen more articles about including chant and Propers in the liturgy in popular liturgy publications in the last 6 months than have been printed in the past 45 years. One (in the latest GIA Quarterly) even goes so far as to suggest that Chant and Propers be incorporated in "guitar based" liturgies, and that resistance to doing so is probably due to the infliction of the musician's personal taste on the assembly, and that such an approach is counter to the call to full participation. The article goes on to make the astounding claim that Chant is actually the KEY to full participation. All I could say was "Wow".

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