Colloquium Practice Recordings at Choral Tracks

Repertoire selections at this year’s Sacred Music Colloquium in Salt Lake City are numerous and varied. The much-awaited music packet will be appearing online at in two weeks. In the meantime, a sneak preview is at hand; and what a sneak preview it is.

Matthew Curtis of Choral Tracks, tenor and award-winning ensemble Chanticleer’s assistant music director, has made practice recordings for all the polyphonic works that will be performed at this year’s Colloquium. By clicking here, you will be able to listen to individual and combined vocal parts of the many Masses and motets you will be learning during your week in Salt Lake City; Monteverdi, Vierne, Morales, Elgar, Croce, and more.
Choral Tracks is ingenious. How many times have you wished there were recordings available for your choir; practice recordings to help them get the job done just a bit quicker? Matthew Curtis provides you with just this – at a nominal fee! His voice is always warm, smooth, and his renditions are well balanced and meticulously recorded. His work is much more than functional. You may end up listening to the recordings just because they are beautiful.
Bookmark this page at Choral Tracks and be ready to get busy singing once the music packet is released.