Colloquium Vlog – Day 3

And we’re into day three for the 2014 Colloquium! Another full day with organ recitals, more rehearsals, preparations for solemn vespers tomorrow afternoon, and crazy architecture professors spreading the love around for sacred architecture!

St. Michael Prayer – New Chant Setting

I’m always interested by chant settings of common prayers such as the Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen), Ave Maria (Hail Mary). Recently I was alerted to a new composition with the text of the St. Michael Prayer! I have to say, I really like it. At first glance, I noticed the nice word painting of the higher notes over “hosts of heaven” and the lower notes for “evil spirits.” I may end up using this.

What do you think about it? Check out the PDF here, or the original source here.

HT Dr. Peter Kwasniewski

Colloquium Vlog – Day 2

Day two has come and gone! Day two is the first full day of the colloquium, and as a first timer, I had a blast meeting all kinds of people including Jeffrey Morse and Charles Cole, as well as many whom I have known online through the CMAA Forum and some new friends as well.

Stay tuned for more this week!

Colloquium Vlog – Day 1

We are going to try something a little bit different this year: every day I’ll be posting a quick video with a small sample of the events going on at the colloquium so that all of you not able to make it can live a little vicariously through us 🙂

Enjoy, and check back later this week for more!

Magnificat Monday – We’re still here! – Penderecki

Don’t worry, I’m still here, I just took the week off last week (expect another post about that soon). This week’s magnificat, found by Fr. Michael Earthman, is by a Polish composer by the name of Krzysztof Penderecki. A very different style than many of the ones previous posted, but beautiful all the same!


Network AND Grow your Knowledge – The Musica Sacra Forum

Needless to say, the Musica Sacra Forum is one of the most valuable locations on the web for musicians (and others!) wanting to learn more about the church’s deep music tradition, network with other musicians, or even have more general liturgical discussions sometimes. Not to mention you can hang out with some of the Cafe writers who often drop in over there! If you’re a musician working in a parish, or just someone with an interest in liturgical music, it’s worth checking out once and a while! If you have a question, jump right in and start a discussion, and you could get an answer from some of the finest musicians throughout the country.

Now here’s your MSF recap for the week! And don’t forget to visit the forum directly as well, because this is just a small selection of the discussions going on over there right now!

Let’s chant!