Morning breakout sessions and social time

Jeffrey Ostrowski teaching intermediate men
The class gathered for William Mahrt’s lectures on Psalmody
Scott Turkington teaches chironomy 
Fr. Pasley in his biretta following the English Mass 
Students studying the mix of chant and polyphony embedded in the Roman vespers scheduled for Friday 

8 Replies to “Morning breakout sessions and social time”

  1. Do we know what will be sung for Vespers at the end of the week? I can't QUITE see what's in the book in that chap's lap and I'm curious!

  2. And does anyone know if any of the lectures/sessions have been recorded? It would be FANTASTIC if they were posted here for those of us for whom distance has prevented attendance.

  3. Hey Jeffrey… Think you could get Ostrowski a copy of How To Dress Like A Man? That shirt is… original.

  4. Today's shirt is extra special and see-through.

    Lots of interesting clothing at the Colloquium, but your suit yesterday was the highlight of them all, Jeffrey. Keep up the good work.

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