When Will the Texts Stabilize?

According to Jerry Galipeau of WLP, the final version of the English for the new translation of the Mass is still in flux. Rome has approved a version but there are so many requests for changes and exceptions and indults that the publishers still don’t have a stable version that can be used to prepare materials at Mass. It is fascinating to see how the musical considerations are oddly forgotten whenever the liturgy goes through another upheaval.

One Reply to “When Will the Texts Stabilize?”

  1. Pardon my French, but…WTF?! It doesn't appear that any text from my setting is affected, but still, this is a nightmare. There's something to be said for publishers being trapped in an endless loop of revisions of Mass of Cremation et al, but the problem is that this will slow implementation.

    BTW- Thank you for this site. I panicked somewhat when you left NLM. All due respect to Shawn, Matthew et al, but fashion magazines don't interest me.

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