William Renwick’s Remarkable Project

William Renwick of McMaster University is working with William Mahrt. the Gregorian Institute of Canada,  and others on a remarkable project. It is a freshly typeset and fully reconstructed compilation of the music of the Sarum Office. Here is the information page and here is the download page. This is magnificent work.

One Reply to “William Renwick’s Remarkable Project”

  1. It is indeed a magnificent project & a wonderful gift to the Church & to the musical world; I have been following its progress for a few years.

    For a pet project of mine – the reconstruction of the Office of St Magnus in the Use of Nidaros – I hope that he will soon get to the Common of Saints (Sarum might be able to plug some of the huge gaps in the corpus of Nidaros chant). But I will be patient – there is a lot of Sarum chant to get through!

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