Chant Inspires the Blogosphere

I’m thrill to wake today to three absolutely wonderful promotions of the Sacred Music Colloquium, June 25-July 1, Salt Lake City.

Fr. Z offers an excellent write up, and, truth is that Fr. Z. was trained to chant under the best of the best. Whenever we have Skype calls, he dazzles me with his knowledge and makes me feel like I should never write anything on this subject again. He is a true expert.

Then we turn to Fr. Anthony Ruff, who similarly trained under the best of the best in Europe. I dare say that he could sing the entire Gradual by memory — with notes corrected according to 9th century manuscripts. He blogs at PrayTell.

Finally, we look across the pond to the king of hermeneutical continuity, Fr. Tim Finigan. His write up points to all the wonderful things I like about the Colloquium film.

Thank you to all who have pushed this event, which promises to be the best in human history.