Hymn Tune Introit: 17th Sunday OT

This is a “placeholder” for this coming Sunday’s Entrance Antiphon. I hope to be able to make changes to it before publishing the complete Hymn Tune Introit project. It is not everything I would wish it to be. Although the first two lines are well done, I think, the last line is extremely weak, with two unnatural expressions for the sake of rhyme and meter. The important Biblical expression “his people” is missing. 

I think it’s ok for the moment (for all for whom making the switch to propers a priority is). At least, it’s closer to the proper than most hymns, although All People That on Earth Do Dwell would not be a bad choice, would it? As usual, it is in iambic Long Meter (–with the usual conventional exceptions to the stresses that are allowed in hymn writing.

Perhaps I can think of a better solution, though, before Sunday. If so, I’ll post it here and above.

God is in his holy place,
God who unites those who dwell in his house;
he himself gives might and strength to his people.  

The Lord is in His holy place, 
Uniting all who dwell inside. 
He, He Himself gives might and strength 
To all who with Him will abide.