Lectionary Hymns

A few years ago I had an idea for writing “the hymn of the day” that began, not with the Gospel, but with the responsorial Psalm. Since the Psalm is already a sung form, and the preeminent model for all Church singing, I make use of it as the form and structure of the whole.

Rarely was I able to include the second reading, but in this Sunday’s example, it was not only possible but natural to bring it in, in a summary way, as the second line of the fifth verse.

I lift my eyes to You, O Lord,

Until You speak Your promised word;

Mine like the eyes of maids who stand
Until the mistress waves her hand.

So shall I wait upon your will,
Commands that seem of good or ill.

For even harshest words from You
Shall still prove holy, kind and true.

So Jesus listened and obeyed
When in His human will afraid.
Despised, rejected, sought and killed —
He yet attended to Your will.

So may this Church which You have wrought,
And with Your own blood dearly bought,
Delight to ponder and obey
The hard or gentle words You say.

Have mercy, Lord, have mercy long,

Our very weakness render strong,

Until the earth, like heav’n is filled

With sweet concordance to Your will.

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