A Hymn for the Day

I wrote this a few years ago for the Conversion of St Paul. It is about the relationship of Sts Stephen and Paul, inspired by today’s patristic reading in the Liturgy of the Hours by St Fulgentius of Ruspe.

The martyr Stephen met his death
Forgiveness in his final breath.
He interceded for them all
Whose cloaks lay at the feet of Saul.

The Father, hearing Stephen’s prayer,
Gave gifts for all the Church to share
When grace and mercy overflowed
In light upon Damascus Road.

Then bless the Lord of heart and mind
Who gives new vision to the blind,
Whose reign throughout the world extends,
Whose loving-kindness never ends.

3 Replies to “A Hymn for the Day”

  1. If it's OK with you, I will use your lovely words sung to the chant "Conditor Alme Siderum", AKA "Creator of the Stars of Night".

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I paired your lovely poem with the hymn tune "Conditor Alme Siderium" (Creator of the Stars of Night). The people loved it! Thanks for the poem!

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