An Office Hymn for Candlemas: Let Zion’s Bridal Room Be Clothed

As Adam mentions below, the entrance procession for the Feast of the Presentation or Candlemas features the chant Adorna Thalamum Tuum, Sion. Peter Abelard’s similarly titled hymn, Adorna Sion Thalamum, is an Office Hymn for the day.

We see the imperative of adornment played out in the clothing of the Church and her ministers for Liturgy. The Temple comes to His temple, to be offered, and should we not be ritually, luxuriously dressed to greet Him?

Charles Giffen and I have collaborated to make the Office Hymn better know and loved. Here is Charles’ setting, and this is my translation, which has found its way into a homily or two. Please feel free to use this Saturday if you find it helpful.

Let Zion’s bridal-room be clothed:
He comes, her Lord and her Betrothed.
Let man and woman, by faith’s light,
Their vigil keep throughout the night.

Saint Simeon, sent forth in joy,
Exults to see the baby Boy:
The light in Whom all things are known
Has now upon the nations shone.

His parents to the temple bring
The Temple as an offering
The righteousness of law He chose
Though to the law He nothing owes.

So, Mary, bring this little one,
Yours and the Father’s only Son
Through whom our offering is made
By whom our ransom price is paid.

And forward, queen of virgins, go
And let rejoicing overflow
With gifts bring forth your newborn Son
Who comes to rescue everyone.

Lord Jesus Christ, the Glory bright
Who guides the nations into light
Be praised, and for eternity
Be glorified, O Trinity. Amen.