St. Peter Damian’s Hymn to St. Andrew

Captator olim piscium

The fisherman that you had been
Became a fisherman of men
In your nets, Andrew, seize and save
Your people from the worldly wave.

St. Peter’s brother, by his side
In living flesh, and crucified.
One mother’s womb bore these two men
And now in highest heav’n they reign.

O shoot and offspring of renown!
How equal in your glorious crown!
The Church’s fathers, faithful ones,
And Christ’s own cross’s faithful sons.

Your brother’s path to life you laid.
You showed the place where Jesus stayed.
So Andrew, with us always bide:
Our happy journey’s blessed guide.

And more and more, o brother rare,
Arouse the churches everywhere
To love and serve obediently
Within St. Peter’s ministry.

Make us, O Christ’s beloved one,
Like you, the way of love to run,
That joy attaining, we may sing
In glory songs to God our King.

4 Replies to “St. Peter Damian’s Hymn to St. Andrew”

  1. Dear Father,
    On behalf of a very knowledgeable Dominican nun I am sending her suggestion which is:

    Conditor Alme Siderum or in English Creator of the Stars of Night

  2. One possible correction: Line 3 of stanza 5 should probably read, "To love and serve obediently." (one syllable too many otherwise). Beautiful text and translation, Kathy. I've already set it to my tune St. Croix, with your approval, of course.

  3. Thank you, Chuck, good catch on the typo. I've fixed it now. And thank you for your beautiful setting!

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