Hymn for Lady Day

Today is the marvelous feast of the Annunciation, when the human race in the person of the Blessed Mother accepted the presence of God in a way that is completely new and graciously salvific.

This hymn, which I wrote to the tune HYFRYDOL, is one of more than two dozen texts published some years ago by the respected publishing house CanticaNOVA Publications. In the collection there is one hymn for every season in the temporal cycle and one for each feast or solemnity in the sanctoral cycle that replaces a Sunday. 

In a year like 2014, in which by a quirk of the calendar many feasts replace Sundays, a parish might use the collection with some frequency. By a special arrangement, all of the texts may be reprinted ad libitum for the use of any local situation (parish or school) that buys just a single copy of the booklet.

This is the text that is haunting me today, printed in the collection for the feast of Mary, Mother of God. Students of church history may notice the echoes of the Chalcedonian Definition in verse 1, and everyone will probably notice the Scripture passages referenced throughout. I hope it comes in handy.

Son of God and thy Son, Lady, 
Mary, Mother full of grace.
Born of God without beginning, 

Born thy Babe in time and place. 
No division, no confusion,
God and man in unity.
Human nature’s true salvation: 

Union with the Trinity.

Blesséd far above all nations: 
Is-ra-el, God’s chosen one. 
Blesséd far above all women: 
Chosen Mother of God’s Son. 
Mystery of God’s election:
Who can know the Father’s mind? 

Give Him glory, all ye peoples. 
Praise Him, for His ways are kind.

God is with us, Christ is for us, 
Earth’s new Baby, heaven’s Lord. 
Blest art thou, O Blesséd Mother
Of the mighty Light adored. 

Darkness cannot overcome Him: 
Heaven’s brightness shines abroad. 
Jesus, Savior, God made lowly, 
Word made flesh: thy Son, thy God. 

Copyright © 2005 CanticaNOVA Publications. Duplication restricted.

2 Replies to “Hymn for Lady Day”

  1. Kathy,

    Thanks for this text!

    We used it this morning at the Seminary here in Houston for Solemn Lauds.

    (We also used your hymn text for the Annunciation at Vespers last night.)

    Keep up the good work!

  2. As a former Protestant taught to ignore the Blessed Mother of our Lord, this was, for me, a cool drink of Living Water. Hyfrydol has always been one of my favorite hymns, especially sung as Come, thou long expected Jesus. What a perfect pairing.

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