Saint Peter Lives

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the election of our Holy Father Pope Francis. Probably everyone remembers watching the Holy Father waving from the balcony. I was on retreat, and with no tv or wireless, a group of us watched the picture on the retreat master’s ancient laptop, which was missing its sound card, and whose picture was delayed about a minute behind the intermittent audio signal coming through on one of the retreatants’ iPhone.

I have heard that some parishes are planning to celebrate this Sunday by singing papal hymns that might be considered, well, rather treacly and sentimental. I’d like to offer the following as an alternative, which can be sung to the sturdy, manly hymn tune ISTE CONFESSOR. St. Peter lives, today, in heaven. St. Peter lives, today, in his successor, called to confirm the brethren.

Saint Peter lives! The gatekeeper of heaven,
Once young and free, once bound for crucifixion,
Now crowned in splendor, prince among the elders.
Pray for your people.

Saint Peter lives! The binding and the loosing,
Bridging the earth unto the highest heavens,
Servant of servants, bishop of that city
Where Peter witnessed.

Hell shall not win. The Church will stand forever.
“Peter, I prayed that your faith will not fail you.
And when the time comes, and you have converted,
Strengthen your brethren.”

All those who give up fam’ly or possessions,
They shall inherit, in that endless Kingdom,
And in the present, many times the blessings
With persecution.

Praise to the Father who sent us Christ Jesus.
Praise to the Son, who came as the Messiah.
Praise to the Spirit, Guardian of the teaching,
Trinity blessed.

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  1. Very nice, I'd quite forgotten that tune. Of course, the first time I heard it was in a Protestant church!

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