Pray for future singers and choir directors

As I was sending out a reminder for the start of Chorister classes, I took a second glance at the roster and thought readers of the Chant Cafe might be heartened by some numbers.  

Last year we had about 35 kids in the program, then lost about 5 more as people moved or committed to other things.  Over the summer, I asked our priests to pray and encourage more kids to join, especially a few more boys.  And I followed the same recruiting plan.  Pray and invite.  Explain the program.  Repeat. 

Deo gratias, our efforts are bearing fruit!  This year’s roster has:

  • 45 young singers- from 
  • 24 families
  • 22 boys
  • 23 girls
  • 15 new students, incl 3 returning.
I don’t know about you, but I get very misty and very serious about training young people in Gregorian chant.  These are the singers and choir directors of the future, and I am their unworthy teacher.  So I’m praying hard that I will be given the graces to assist them in learning their liturgical heritage, and the tools to make their own effort in building up the Church. 

Since Our Lord is at the center and the final end of all our work in sacred music, please pray that through their studies this year the St. Anne Choristers may grow in love and knowledge of Him, and continue to serve Him with gladness.

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  1. "Pray and invite. Explain the program. Repeat."

    That is the blueprint for building anything.

    It's working spiritually; materially, the brick continue to be laid.

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