Gregorian Chant Workshop in New York

On February 7, from 9am-2pm, I will be giving a workshop entitled, “Introduction to Gregorian Chant: Spirituality, History, and the Basics of Reading.”

The workshop is sponsored by the Office of Liturgy of the Archdiocese of New York and St. Joseph’s Seminary.The cost of the workshop is $30 and includes lunch and a copy of Reflections on the Spirituality of Gregorian Chant by Dom Jacques Hourlier.

The workshop will be especially suited to those desirous of entering more deeply into the spiritual fruits offered by the chant, learning to pray along with the chants at Mass, as well as help others in their parishes do likewise.

To register for the workshop, visit this link.

4 Replies to “Gregorian Chant Workshop in New York”

  1. Sounds marvelous. Glad to see the younger clergy is moving forward while many of the older clergy are sticking with the failed reform of the 1960s. Deo Gratias

  2. This looks like a great event. I hope to bring some teachings back to my home parish, where the liturgical program is in shambles. Recently, I brought several guests to Mass so that they can see the Catholic Mass. Predictably, they were unmoved by the cheesy, infantile, boring hymns sung by the congregation. They will not be returning. However, these same people are drawn to the beauty of Gregorian Chant. Given the Church's efforts to evangelize, I am confident that the beauty of sacred music will inspire people to join the Church. The current Mass, with its musical program designed as though for the solo kindergarten recorder, inspired no one to join. Imagine if St. Augustine entered a Church today!

  3. I'm the Music Director of St Augustine Church in Park Slope. We regularly offer Tierce (in Latin) before 10:30 Sunday Mass and Vespers (also in Latin) before 5pm Sat Mass. Both Tierce and Vespers are entirely chanted. We also do chant proper to the day for Sat/Sun masses during Communion.

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