New Directions for the CMAA

As we begin a new year here at the Chant Cafe, I am pleased to announce that the Church Music Association is venturing into exciting new territory as we seek to further the cause of the New Evangelization within the context of the New Liturgical Movement while singing a New Church into being. These new developments are inspired, of course, by our beloved Papa Francis, whose humility and personal holiness are perfectly communicated by the clarity of his thinking and public discourse. It is truly an exciting time to be “Catholic!”

The most important new initiative concerns the curriculum for the Sacred Music Colloquium, the annual gathering of the CMAA, which (according to our recently improved slogan) promotes music for the liturgy which is “Relevant, Pastoral, and Oddly Specific.” The main sessions on Gregorian chant will, of course, continue. However several additional sections will be added to provide training in reading the traditional music notation of Folk Mass (lead sheet), along with master classes in dance, harmonica, and holy clowning.

For logistical reasons, the Winter Chant Intensive will no longer be a stand-alone event. This will be moved forward into March of 2016 and held in Daytona as a part of Bike Week. This will cut down on travel expenses for our instructors who will already be in Florida during that time. Additionally, it is hoped that this will (at least in part) satisfy the Holy Father’s call that our pastors “smell like sheep.”


Finally, with the palpable absence of Jeffrey Tucker likely to become a definitive withdrawal from our organization, it has been decided that his crypto-communistic influence can now safely be purged. As a matter of economic justice, there will no longer be any free downloads of music scores from the MusicaSacra website. Beginning tomorrow, all PDFs in the music section of this site will be available for a reasonable fee. We will NOT be accepting Bitcoin.

7 Replies to “New Directions for the CMAA”

  1. Hey Little Joe, did you (or anyone else) ever notice that JT is a dead ringer, including voice print, for Jose Ferrer, the actor who played Alfred Dreyfuss in "J'accuse" and the defense attorney against Bogart in "The Caine Mutiny"???
    I wonder if he has a secret mirror in his closet….

  2. I'll be sure to bring my dancing shoes to the colloquium! Please say it isn't so about Mr. Tucker. . . how I miss his bowties. Such sartorial elegance is rarely seen.

  3. You've got to be kidding! Must be a satire. Our beloved Pope Francis and his "clarity of thinking"? "Singing a New Church into Being"?

    Oh, I guessed it: This is an April Fool's piece.

    Takes me a while…..:)

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