Is this part of the Francis Effect?

No names, no affiliations will be mentioned here. Perusing FB, this photo popped into my timeline:

The poster simply invited any readership to “caption” the portrait. Commentary was flying in by the second. The first chunk of samples will be found below. Now, for the record, I have no problem with proper vestments within the context of the particular cultural needs a parish/cathedral requires. I don’t think this is about vestments, these comments below. I ask (fear) that under this pontificate, we may have crossed a bridge too far in terms of basic common decency and respect. We don’t just tolerate offense, we offer the other cheek. Presuming anyone offering a “caption” such as those below has an interest in things liturgical, I’m led to believe that among our very own, many “feel” it appropriate to demean the integrity of fellow Christians, and even those ordained to clerical office.
If any of the folks who offered captions are DM’s, they’re neither “Pilots” nor “Pilates” (referencing my other article.) However the image of the mob chanting “Give us Barabbas” comes to mind.
The captions (note to administrator-Richard, feel free to condense these into a “more” window:

Where’s Gladys?
3 little maids from school ar.. hang on, 1,2,3,fo. . ah poop!
Oh it was black berettas today. Damn.
I’m delighted to reveal the autumn collection for 2015. You’ll all be wearing this.
The Spice Girls getting ready for their upcoming reunion tour…
how many blinds nuns did it take to make your lace?
In the middle: Someone has nicked my pompom.
On the left: I borrowed this cope.
The committee members of the Society for the simplification of vesture and liturgy – SSVL.
Must all be from the Diocese of Fon du Lace!
Fiddle diddle dee… Fiddleback is back
The church likes red heads too!
Ministry of Silly Dresses waits for John Cleese from Ministry of Silly Walks ,to hold a course for them
Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.
“We are the very models of Traditional Ecclesia” (sung to a Gilbert & Sullivan tune)
psst Cardinal, it’s supposed to be prayerful position with left thumb over right, remember
We are the knights that say “Ni”.
Which one of these is not like others
I don’t care if your a Scotsman you wear something underneath, we kneel for prayer here!
and our 3rd runner-up is………”
The boys truly wished that Martha hadn’t left her ‘Come as you are’ party invitations on the altar
Is this the new series of The Borgias?
real men wear lace
The latest in chic from the men who wear dresses.
three out of five ain’t bad
They look cute
The one second from the left must be cooking lunch since he has the apron on.
lads in lace
Cardinal Sins!
Red is this years Black
What does this have to do with the Living God?
Well we brought gold, frankincense, myhrr, and these other two guys. I hope that’s ok.
No.3. Something crawling on my head.
Personal Ordinariate on parade
The three on the right had me thinking “three little maids…”. Gilbert and Sullivan in the air
The Mickey Mouse club welcomes you.
Ok…who farted?
OK, if you think Crazy Hat Day is a hoot, you shoulda seen us on Dress Like Your Mom Day.
We’re all in the same branch of service, right? How come our uniforms are so different?
Please, please, please let us wear fire-engine red next time.
T…s in Hats
No… I have more lace than you do!!
You know what they say, “Lace is more”…
The third annual convention of the Albus Dumbledore Fan Club was a huge hit.
red guy in apron incarnates service ministry to the berobed and belaced.
…and the 2015 vestiest padre award goes to:
My man-lace is better than your man-lace!
No one pictured smells like the sheep.
I’m the cherry on top!
Almost had a straight to beat your full house…
The guy with the red hat has the most relaxed posture, so I guess that mean he’s the boss.
4 prayers and one hugger
Soldiers in their dress uniforms…be afraid, be very afraid. I feel very safe.
Men in skirts with lace?
Lace, anyone?
“Get on with it man, we haven’t got all day!”
Trying my best to be respectful and it’s not easy.
“Berettas? I thought the Boss said wear your birettas!”
Please share this pic with Papa Francesco and get his reaction.
pick the odd one out
Heavens! I still have my running shoes on!!!
Renaissance Fair losers
You shaved your mustache for the photo.
Eucharist and old lace.
Ok now, just like we teach the First Communion kids…hands in “Prayer position”!

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  1. A good reminder to me to exercise charity when encountering glass chalices, treacly and heretical hymns, and consecrated religious sisters in pants. Lead by example, not by tearing down fellow members of the Body of Christ.

    and those are beautiful vestments. Looks like it's from Scotland in 2010:

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