Hymn in Honor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Last year about this time this hymn text was commissioned for the dedication of a wonderful parish’s altar renovation and dedication.

Hymn in honor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, c. 2015 Kathleen Pluth
Tune: Laudes Domini 
 God fills His saints with grace
To finish out the race,
His servants unto death.
Then let our praises swell,
Glad hymns to God forthtell
For Saint Elizabeth.
Her childhood’s rising sun
In holy paths would run,
Remembering God’s will.
Through early loss she prayed,
And close to Jesus stayed:
His pleasure to fulfill.
A mother and a wife,
She served in family life
Through many joys and fears:
The trials and pleasures of
The motherhood of love—
The motherhood of tears.
In lonely sacrifice,
She turned to Jesus Christ:
The Blessed Sacrament,
She left her worldly friends
For love that never ends.
With joy to God she went.
In time she gathered round,
By vows of service bound,
A band of charity
A seed on fertile land,
That by God’s grace grew grand:
The seed became a tree.
O Triune, ever blest,
Eternally at rest,
Be with us till the end.
Help us to do the right,
With calm and steady might,
Our King, our Guide, our Friend.