A Hymn for the Morning

St. Robert Bellarmine’s office hymn Orbis Patrator optime, in honor of the Guardian angels
Trans c. 2013
O best Perfector of all things,
who out of nothing being brings
through your almighty strong right hand;
who rules by provident command,
Come here to sinners, Lord, we pray,
assembled at the dawning day.
As day breaks through the dark of night,
Lord, give our minds a newborn light.
And may the angel guard you give
be with us all the days we live.
May he be ever close to win
protection from the plague of sin.
May he exterminate that claim—
the dragon’s envy and his blame—
and keep our hearts, caught unawares,
from walking into lying snares.
To exile let our foes be sent;
let illness share their banishment.
Let people prosper and increase
in realms of health and lasting peace.
To God the Father glory be,
who cares, by angel ministry,
for all those ransomed by the Son
and whom the Spirit’s unction won.