Hymn to St. Joseph

For those looking for a sturdy, manly hymn in honor of St. Joseph, Jeffrey Wisniewski and I would like to offer the following for any good purpose this year.

Mr. Wisniewski’s fine original tune and setting may be found here, or the text may be sung to ST. ANNE (O God, Our Help in Ages Past).

Some of the verses are specific to the original congregation, seminarians at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, and to the life of the priesthood.

Please feel free to sing as desired in your home schools and parishes.

Hymn to St. Joseph
Hymn text commissioned by Kenrick-Glennon Seminary on the occasion of the dedication of the renovated St. Joseph Chapel
O Holy Joseph, you restored
King David’s house and line,
O guardian of King David’s Lord:
The Son of God divine.
When years at last their course had run,
And Mary’s “yes” was said,
God chose you for His only Son,
And by an angel led.
Like Joseph from of old you learned
In dreams God’s will to see.
From Egypt’s land His Son returned,
Fulfilling prophecy.
O most chaste spouse! O husband pure!
Whose name the demons dread!
You kept the infant Church secure,
In God the Father’s stead.
Make us true men to serve the Lord,
Obedient till the end;
Like you to give our lives outpoured,
Our guardian and our friend.
Like you to work with patient skill
To glorify God’s name,
Like you to do the Father’s will,
And hide from worldly fame.
O blessed guardian of the Church,
Direct us all our days.
Teach us to preach to those who search,
And lead God’s people’s praise.
O patron of a happy death!
When life at length is through,
May He be close at our last breath,
Who was so near to you.
To Father, Son, and Spirit be
All glory evermore.
St. Joseph, through eternity,
May we with you adore!

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  1. Another marvellous hymn! How I have enjoyed reading and singing this in my hermitage.

  2. I love this hymn! Thank you for the wonderful setting. Is there an accompaniment and/or parts available?

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