The Adoration of the Magi

At the Lord’s appearing in His virgin birth,
Sudden grace and glory rush around the earth,
From the heights of heaven where a new star shines
To the Eastern Wise Men, to their rev’rent minds.

Who shall see His glory and His holy face?
Ev’ry time and country lie beneath His grace.
For this tiny Baby is the Lord of all:
Ev’ry knee shall bend and ev’ry throne shall fall.

Four and twenty elders cast before Him crowns.
Little children greet Him: “Blest is He who comes!”
What can bring the Gentiles to acclaim His praise?
Purity and wisdom and the light of grace.

Through the snares of Herod, past the envious foe,
Trav’ling past all wisdom that the mind can know,
Moving ever onward, into Bethlehem,
Where the Babe and Mother wait to welcome them.

Praise to God the Father for His Holy Son.
Praises to Christ Jesus, shining only One.
Praise the Holy Spirit for the gift of sight,
Guiding human footsteps to the Blessed Light.

 Kathleen Pluth
Copyright © 2005  CanticaNOVA Publications.  Duplication restricted.

Meter: D Suggested tune:  King’s Weston, or others: Une vaine crainte

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