Two Basic Requisites in an Artist

In His Holiness’ famous encyclical, Musicae sacrae disciplina, Venerable Pope Pius XII emphasized the need of two basic requisites in an artist, namely, an artist who will create true religious or sacred art. 

  • The artist must possess skill in the techniques of one’s discipline, as the very title of the document points us.  
  • The artist must have faith in God which will give him/her the interior vision needed to perceive what God’s majesty and worship demand.
Music, art and architecture form the Sacred arts with skill and Faith.

+Monsignor Richard Schuler (1920-2007) and his mighty legacy wrote prolifically on this very subject (c.f. Sacred Music, Vol 107, No 3, Fall 1980).  He said so eloquently:

“The work of art that the Church seeks will come from the trained and talented craftsman who has a vision of faith, is humble before the creativity of God in which he shares, and who has conceived in the depths of his soul a concept that he expresses in the material, but in which shines for the majesty of God.”

May our Faith and skill bring honor and glory to God, as well as holiness to mankind.

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