The New Normal

With First Communion season coming up, and ordinations right around the corner, many church professionals might be wondering how to manage large events during an uncontrolled pandemic.

The Air Force Academy presents one model of how things might be done. Keeping strictly to social distance rules, the Academy held commencement exercises on Saturday, April 18th.

Note that the graduates only could be present, and not their families. Large open-air spaces happened to be readily available. Order and discipline were already established among the graduates.

The current situation in Singapore shows that a one-time successful “flattening of the curve” is not sufficient at this time. An ongoing vigilance will be required for the foreseeable future.

Adapting to the new normal will take a great deal of creativity among those responsible for providing sacraments to the People of God. It is a good time to be praying for the blessings of concord, wisdom, gentleness, and perseverance.