A giving opportunity

Among the many causes worthy of end of the year giving, one of the groups that seems likely to make the greatest difference in this world and the next is the Dominican Province of St. Joseph.

I first became acquainted with the friars in 1999, when two eminent Dominican philosophy professors said Mass at Catholic University’s Campus Ministry–a ministry which the province has just this year taken over as its own. This was just before things began snowballing, as remarkable numbers of young men attracted to the life of prayer, study, community, and preaching flocked to their novitiate. Soon large classes of well-fostered vocations were professing obedience until death and receiving ordination.

To support their vocations boom, the province currently has a matching grant for vocations just till the end of 2022.

It would be impossible to mention all the great initiatives that members of the province have accomplished over the years. Their preaching has a truly international reach, with an East African Vicariate and academic/administrative presence outside the province in Jerusalem, Rome, and California. This personal leadership presence is in addition to the astonishingly creative range of online ministries that spread the Gospel to every corner of the world.

Meanwhile the friars’ on-the-ground ministries closer to home include parish life, academic and pastoral support of Dominican nuns, sisters, and third orders, chaplaincies of all kinds, and countless others, including liturgical music.

I’ll post a few media items below the fold that give just a hint of what our support for these friars through their years of formation can bring to the Church and the world.