A hymn text for the mourning period

Because parishes are holding Masses, Vespers, and other prayer services for the repose of the soul of Pope Benedict, I thought I would write a hymn text, in case it is helpful at this time, to help people pray.

The primary scriptural references are Song of Songs 7:8, Wisdom 7:27, and Luke 7:35,

I originally wrote the text in, with EVENTIDE, the tune associated with Abide with Me, in mind.

Wisdom is vindicated in the wise.
Clean are their hearts; perceptive are their eyes.
Prophets and friends of God Who dwells in them,
As He once dwelt in hay, in Bethlehem.

Our hearts are filled with prayer these Christmas days,
And for Pope Benedict our prayers we raise.
Grant him, beloved Jesus, lasting rest
With You, the Father, and the Spirit blest.

Deep waters cannot quench enduring love,
Nor can one purchase what comes from above.
Savior of humankind, sweet newborn Boy,
Give to your servant everlasting joy.

A musician friend suggested that Long Meter would be a more useful meter, and that abbreviating the text would also intensify the poetry. A good choice for a tune might be DUKE STREET.  Using a Long Meter tune would also allow the addition of a standard doxology if desired.

Anyone may use either version freely for any good purpose during this time.

Wisdom is proven in the wise;
Clean are their hearts and clear their eyes;
Friends of the God who dwells in them,
As He once dwelt in Bethlehem.

Prayer fills our hearts these Christmas days
As for Pope Benedict we raise
Thanksgiving, and at his behest,

Prayers for his soul’s eternal rest.

Deep waters cannot quench true love,
Nor can one buy gifts from above.
Savior of all, sweet newborn Boy,
Give to your servant endless joy.