The Really New Evangelization

I don’t usually say sentences that begin, “If I were the Pope…” However, an idea has occurred to me over the years that I think is sound and would have long-lasting effects for the Church in Europe, aiming as it does at middle schoolers.

Here it is.

If I were the Pope, I would require all English-speaking diocesan and religious seminarians to go two-by-two into the towns and villages of France and Germany this summer, and spend two weeks, in full habit/ clerics, doing nothing but speaking English and playing soccer.

2 Replies to “The Really New Evangelization”

  1. Interesting concept – especially for those seminarians who haven't got a clue about how to play soccer! And while I'm sure that God loves sport-fanatic-thickos as much as the rest of creation, I'm not so sure that the afflicted have the capacity (much less interest) to know and return that love.

  2. I've met some very intelligent, and devout, athletes over the years. But you don't have to be a top athlete to engage middle schoolers. Soccer is just a way of saying hello.

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