Time and Tide Wait for No Man – Neither Does Registration

June is busting out all over. 

It’s the first day of June and that means only four more days to register for the CMAA XXIV Summer Colloquium and get a great hotel room at the conference rate.

Register now and prepare to have one of the happiest and most challenging weeks of your life!  Sacred music from dawn to dusk.  Chant, polyphony, plenary speakers, breakout sessions for ideas and insights.

New friends, old friends.  Beautiful liturgies, an organ concert and an Anglican choral Evensong. Books to buy at discounted prices.  And don’t forget the party on the pool deck of the hotel for a great view of the 4th of July fireworks!

Need I say more?  If you’ve already registered, go over to the Colloquium website to whet your appetite because new details are coming online almost daily.  If not,  hie thyself o’er to join the flock.

[Photo from Indiana University, Bloomington]